The end of the build season is quickly approaching and we wanted to catch everyone up to speed. We've spent the past few weeks figuring out the game, coming up with ideas, and prototyping. This year's game gave us a lot of variables to think about. Towards the end of January, we were still mainly … Continue reading BUILD SEASON UPDATE!

St. Joseph District Event Champions!

CyberTooth is extremely proud to announce our win at the St. Joseph District Event in Indiana. "It is so amazing to see all the hard work pay off," says Vivianne, Marketing Director on the team. This was a long awaiting milestone for us as a team. We are also proud to announce that our Team … Continue reading St. Joseph District Event Champions!

Week 5

This week we decided to post our blog after our Saturday meeting because we would have more to share. On Saturday, our good friends, The Iron Kings, came to visit us in hopes that we could provide advice for their team and use our facility. This week has been incredibly fun and productive. Assembly Once … Continue reading Week 5


The below 0 temperatures presented some challenges for CyberTooth this week, but that has not prevented us from accomplishing our goals and meeting our deadlines. Software This week, Programming achieved its first auto assist. It requires some more tuning but currently, the A button will cause our robot to automatically turn towards the vision targets. … Continue reading WEEK 4