One Week Left!

Hello all! As we are approaching the last week until bag day, the CyberTooth shop has been very hectic. Currently, CAD designs are being finalized and parts are being manufactured for the competition bot. Programming has been working hard collaborating with the electrical team in order to make sure the competition bot will be functioning … Continue reading One Week Left!

Halfway There

We're at the halfway point of the 2017 build season. CyberTooth is busily working away to complete our robot. This past week was spent doing prototypes and CAD. We're slowly making progress. We've been finalizing our drive train design and making parts. Our shooter and conveyance is nearly complete in design; we've decided to use … Continue reading Halfway There

Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)

Build season for FIRST's Steamworks is underway. We here at CyberTooth are looking forward to playing this year's game. On Saturday morning, the team congregated at AndyMark at the bright-and-early time of nine-thirty. The warehouse was awash with predictions for Steamworks ranging from a water game (someday) all the way to a flying game, which … Continue reading Build Season Day 6 (Approaching Week 2)